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L-M What Now

If you asked any of us at Sugar Lake Lodge what our favorite part about working here is, 9 out of 10 would say the daily interaction with guests. Number 10 would likely say the lake, because, I mean, look at it. It’s stunning. But for the majority, connecting with new people is arguably one of the best parts of the hospitality business.

Year after year, we continue to forge friendships with people from all over the state of Minnesota and throughout the country. In my humble, clearly-biased opinion, our guests are the best of the best. You entrusted us with your (potential) happiness—how could we not laud your brilliance?!

This past weekend, a regular guest who has been coming here for over 10 years asked me about the popularity of LMV’s. More specifically, he asked, “I saw an email about a deal of some kind…LM-what-now?”

The Minnesotan accent was strong with this one.

While explaining that during the summer months, we offer up some last-minute deals for people who are flexible in their schedule, I realized the true gravity of this offer.

Let’s say you’re having a real tough week at work—emails on emails, meetings that should’ve been emails, hours of conference calls—and it’s only Wednesday. You’ve got some PTO to burn, and you can feel your blood pressure steadily rising with each mounting minuscule task. Your email *dings* and up pops an email from that beautiful resort up north you’ve been meaning to get to, but just haven’t been able to plan properly, touting 40% off room rate deals for this weekend. The temptation sets in, and suddenly you’re daydreaming about that crystal-clear Sugar Lake water instead of reading yet another office memo.

This is where LMV’s (last minute vacancies) shine like a beacon of impromptu getaway hope. LMV’s reward you for booking, as it states, last minute. We like to call it “snap-booking.” You actually get an amazing deal for waiting to book until the day before or even the day of.

Northern Minnesota is best experienced one of three ways: every year at the same time, every other weekend, or last minute. Of course, we would say all year long, but that’s just us.

Essentially, LMV’s are about making time for YOU when YOU feel you need it, and our goal is to get more of the people we love to interact with up here to experience the oasis that is our resort. Life is just too short not to take advantage of vacation time, something America struggles with on a yearly basis. Don’t be a vacationer statistic! Take advantage of planning ahead or not at all; either way, we won’t judge you. Quite the contrary.

Intrigued? Check out this week’s LMVs here, and if those don’t work for you, sign up to be one of the first to hear about the newest LMV deals (sent every Friday morning before being released to the public. #VIPstatus) For more information, email us or call us at 218-327-1462.