Camp Collaboration

An Experiential Professional Development Program

Camp Collaboration is a custom three-day program designed to enhance professional development retreats with activities focused around communication, collaboration, and team building. Designed by our Director of Leadership Programming, Abby Oxborough, this is our first in-house curated program ideal for teams of all sizes. While receiving her Master of Science degree in Experiential Education, Abby focused her thesis on the value of teams getting outside of the office and into a distraction-free, inspiring, and creative environment to better communicate and collaborate together.

Unify Your Team

Camp Collaboration is a full customizable program designed for teams looking to take a deep dive into streamlining collaboration in the office, practicing better communication, and stepping away from distracting environments to start thinking clearly. Come together to participate in transformative experiential learning activities conducive to building trust, self-efficacy, and creative thinking.

The Camp Collaboration Process

DAY 1:

The first day is focused on connecting in a new space. Explore integrations of personal and professional values across your team and organization while setting the stage for challenging other team members throughout the weekend. This first day is all about assessing what’s working and what’s not working in your organization.

DAY 2:

The second day begins with a reflection activity, focusing on group inclusion and role definitions afterward. Your group will take part in various experiential activities surrounding team building and trust, culminating in a big challenge course activity in the afternoon. Training will incorporate SMART goals, strategic planning implementation, and emotional intelligence tools while utilizing the tranquil surrounding environment that is Sugar Lake Lodge.

DAY 3:

The final day is all about reflection and processing. What have we learned, experienced, and how will we bring it back to our everyday lives? How will the organization benefit from our experiences here? At this time, goals and timelines are set to reflect the positive outcomes uncovered during the Camp Collaboration program.

What People Are Saying About Camp Collaboration

“Our team left more connected and more inspired than I imagined possible.”
—Carrie A.

Organizations Thrive When They Have the Space to be Creative

Let’s get outside of the office.