The Wall

Overcome Obstacles with this Challenging Team Building Program

The Wall presents an opportunity for teams (up to 30 people) to build trust and resilience through a specialized team building program that’s designed to transform mindsets. Participants must harmoniously work together to overcome this tricky obstacle.

Rely on Each Other to Achieve the Best Outcomes

Balance between stimulating activity and group dynamics at a unique team building venue to accomplish your goals and desired outcomes. The Wall is a challenge unlike any other, and the “Synergy Sessions” conducted with this program are geared toward improving communication, trust, and teamwork.

The Experiential Wall Experience

This program lasts two to three hours and is led by a certified facilitator who will lead you through preparation, planning, execution, and reflection to conquer the barrier that is The Wall. Get ready for an incredible, enriching experience from start to finish.

Overcome Obstacles and Experience Positive Results

as a group with this team building program.