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The Only OOO You’ll Ever Need

If you Google “out of office” responses, you will find a treasure trove of professionally-crafted articles and suggestions for the appropriate automatic email replies for when you’re busy living life outside the office walls.

“Start with a cheerful greeting!”

“Don’t over communicate—get to the point!”

“Include only pertinent details.”

“Give senders the name of someone to contact in your absence.”

Yada, yada, yada.

I once got an OOO (how the cool kids say out of office) from someone that simply said, “I’m currently on a boat. BRB.”
Albeit not the most professional, my respect for this person went through the roof. You deserve to enjoy that time on the boat, good for you! So that got all of us at the Sugar Lake Lodge office thinking—what would be the perfect OOO for your highly anticipated summer vacation? Well, we went ahead and wrote it for you.

The Only OOO You’ll Ever Need:

“Thank you for your email! I’m currently sitting in an Adirondack chair on the shores of sparkling Sugar Lake, lemonade in one hand and a real paperback book in the other. You know, that new series by (insert favorite author here) that we have all been meaning to read but just couldn’t find the time between meetings and hockey games and birthday parties at a trampoline park? Yeah, that one. So far, it’s amazing; I can’t believe (that guy) did (that thing) and then (this happened)! I don’t have email notifications on my phone, so I won’t get this until I’ve completed my weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. I won’t be checking messages or notifications or tweets either, and I would rather not use my phone other than to take some stunningly beautiful sunset pictures, of which I will Instagram at a later time and subsequently include the following hashtags: #takemeback #vaca #SugarLakeDreaming #tbt. If you need me right away, get in your car and drive three hours north. Bring snacks.”

We didn’t follow any of the “rules” we found on Google, but we’re pretty sure this covers all of the bases. If the above OOO doesn’t suit your needs, just go for the next best thing… simply reply with this:

Ready to go? Check out our start-of-summer specials or peruse our golf packages. Either way, we’re ready for you. Set that OOO, and we’ll see you on the lake!