Outdoor Games


Outdoor Games

We’re No Lake Placid, but We Do Have Some Game

Outdoor activities? Yeah, we’re familiar. As self-proclaimed elite athletes, we both offer and participate in a host of games and sports. Looking to claim bragging rights? Feel free to challenge a Sugar Lake team member, start a tournament with strangers, or go toe to toe with friends and family.

A little healthy competition is good for everyone, just don’t end any friendships or cut familial ties on our turf.

Sports, Games, and Other Outdoor Activities

Claim Sweet, Sweet Victory at Sugar Lake

Tennis and Pickleball Courts: Play tennis on our regulation-sized court or pickleball on one of our two (brand-new) courts. Just don’t go all John McEnroe on anyone.

Basketball and Volleyball Courts: Organize a volleyball match or play a pick-up game on our basketball courts. You can even challenge our very own Tim and Brady to a riveting game of HORSE for resort-wide clout.

Horseshoes & Bocce Ball: Abnormally talented at lawn games? Show off your useless skills in a game of horseshoes, or get a group together for a round of bocce ball. Just watch your ankles!

Playground: drop the kids off and go enjoy your vacation. Just kidding… please supervise your children at all times, but they will have a great time on this fun little patch of the grounds.

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