Team Building & Team Bonding

Team Building and Team Bonding Activities

No Trust Falls…Trust Us.

Most retreat venues advertise some sort of team building or team bonding experience. These programs usually consist of the same activities: games like axe throwing, hammerschlagen, scavenger hunts, and blind trust falls. Truthfully, those activities are better suited for summer camp, or a holiday party. Sure, they have their place, but they won’t actually improve the performance of your team, or your business.

Our Team Building and Team Bonding at Sugar Lake

Challenge, Motivate, and Inspire

At Sugar Lake Lodge, we are (and partner with) leadership and team development facilitators who present challenging, game-changing, and wildly rewarding activities. Everything we do is results based and outcome focused. It begins with a discussion about your goals—why are you here and what do you want to accomplish? Are you training a new generation of leaders? Building a specialized team for a specific company capability? Onboarding new team members?

Uncovering what you want to accomplish helps our experts curate a high-performing team building program that is targeted, applicable, and highly effective. These custom programs consist of interactive experiential activities that fundamentally change how your team thinks and works together to solve complex business problems.

Team Building

Activities That Increase Collaboration, Cooperation, and Cohesion

A recent Gallup poll showed that engaged teams are 21% more likely to be profitable. Teams who are more closely connected are less likely to experience turnover and show up with more passion, purpose, and energy.

Our team building exercises are customized to align with your organization’s goals and the strengths and weaknesses of your current team. Our facilitators work with you to build a program and select activities that improve the skills your team needs. But this isn’t a simple plug-and-play team building program. We’ve run these activities countless times, and the execution changes with every group. Our facilitators have mastered the ability to customize these activities to maximize their effectiveness based on the team they are working with.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of Customizable Team Building Activities

Team Bonding

Much More Than Simple Play

Success at work is dependent on employee engagement. Team bonding activities provide an interactive space that encourages people to collaborate, communicate, and have fun. Adding some “play” to your meeting or retreat allows your team time to bond and tap into their creativity. It takes them out of their comfort zone.

Team Bonding is so much more than happy hour. Our customized activities are designed to incorporate the improvement of interpersonal relations, increased productivity tools, and alignment with organizational goals. You choose from various activity options that can be incorporated at any time throughout your retreat.

Team Bonding Activities

  • Cooking Challenges
  • Improv Games
  • Boat Building
  • Golf Games
  • Lake Wars

What Organizations Say About Our Custom Retreats

“Beautiful, clean, great food, excellent staff…an incredible experience with substantial takeaways for our team.”


Our Retreat Facilitators

If you have your own facilitation, great! We’re happy to execute a retreat, meeting, and conference that is specific to you. We also have a “black book” of some of the best leadership consultants, strategic planning experts, and other facilitators who can design and execute a highly custom retreat for your organization.

Plan Your Team Building and Team Bonding Retreat

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