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Have Kids? Here’s How to Spark Excitement for a Lakeside Vacation

Stop us if you’ve heard this: your kids don’t want to go where you planned your vacation, even if it’s at a lakeside lodge. Maybe they wanted to see the California coast, maybe they would rather go to Disney World (RIP, your wallet), maybe they’d just rather stay home and see their friends for the […]

How to Pack Light for Your Minnesota Northwoods Hiking Trip

Hiking “lightly,” and by that we mean packing lightly, doesn’t mean venturing out into the woods unprepared. It means only bringing precisely what you need to get you out and back again safely and enjoyably. For those who prefer to navigate the trails lightly, mastering the craft of minimalist packing is the best thing you […]

The Minnesota Northwoods Guide for Thrillseekers: Where to Go and What to Do

Love a good hike, bike, or outdoor adventure? Looking to get your thrills in the Minnesota Northwoods? Whether you’re completely new to northern Minnesota and are looking for beginner’s guide or have visited here a dozen times and are looking for something new, we can help! As a northern Minnesota resort that’s been here for […]

Getting to Know Cohasset, Minnesota. Home of Sugar Lake Lodge.

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota’s Northwoods, Cohasset is a charming city with a rich history, inviting landscapes, and a myriad of activities for those seeking a secluded and tranquil Northern Minnesota vacation. It’s also the hometown of Sugar Lake Lodge. We may be a bit biased, but we’re pretty proud of our little town, […]

Visiting Grand Rapids? Here are Some Must-See Places

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities, or you’re just looking for a place in Northern Minnesota to visit, the Grand Rapids area has something for you. As a local resort in the Grand Rapids area, we know the lay of the land, and we’re always more than happy […]

How to Plan a Northern Minnesota Vacation Your Family Will Actually Enjoy

Planning a vacation up north? Northern Minnesota is a fantastic place to visit, especially during the summer months, but not everyone knows what to do and where, especially when it comes to pleasing their entire family. There’s no Disney World, true, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do for kids. Your family may be […]

How to Plan the Perfect Minnesota Golf Weekend Getaway

Looking to plan a golf getaway in Minnesota? We don’t blame you. Whether you’re booking a casual golfing trip with friends, a one-on-one trip with your significant other, or that annual boys or girls golfing tournament you look forward to every year, we’re here to help you make your trip a success. You deserve it.  […]

6 Things You Must Do at Your Next Family Reunion

Some people love their extended family. Some people love their extended family enough to actually want to hang out with them. And some people love their extended family so much that they keep coming back year after year to spend an entire weekend (or longer!) with them at a retreat location.  That’s right; today we’re […]

What to Pack (and Not Pack) for Your Trip to Sugar Lake Lodge

Have a summer trip planned to Sugar Lake Lodge? We’re happy to have you! There’s a lot to do at our resort and the surrounding Minnesota Northwoods areas. But what should you bring? What should you wear? While we won’t be meticulously going through a complete checklist of clothes and other smaller items to bring, […]

The Best Hikes in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota Area

There are two types of vacationers: those who want to do as little as possible and those who want to get out and experience nature. Okay, so maybe it’s not so black and white. There’s a clear spectrum that ranges from sitting by the lake, relaxing, and getting out into the great Minnesota Northwoods.  This […]

Meet the Fish of (Siseebakwet) Sugar Lake

Fishing at Sugar Lake Lodge is a pastime that many of our guests have enjoyed for years. With two lakes—Sugar Lake and the smaller Little Sugar—and plenty of species of fish, there’s a lot for budding fishing enthusiasts and veterans to love. What kinds of fish can you catch here? Meet some of our local […]

Planning a Summer Trip to Northern Minnesota? Start Right Here!

Summer is a great time to experience the beauty of Northern Minnesota. The temperatures are warm—an ideal break from our long and frigid winters—the lakes offer the perfect place to stay cool, and the Minnesota Northwoods are filled with places to explore. Whether you’re looking to take your family on a fun vacation, get away […]

Where to Plan a Unique Minnesota Destination Wedding

This is it. You’ve decided to plan a destination wedding. Best of all, you’re considering having your destination wedding in the beautiful state of Minnesota. First of all, congratulations! Second, get ready. Planning a destination wedding can be intimidating, but there’s good news! It’s one of the best ways to celebrate your big day (or […]

Six Things You Have to Experience During Your Stay at Sugar Lake

Between the 400 acres of land our resort sits on, the dense Minnesota Northwoods in the surrounding areas, the lake, and so much more, there’s a lot to do at Sugar Lake Lodge! There’s no wrong way to relax during your vacation. If you want to just sit back by the pool or the lake, […]

How to Get Your Kids to Love Golf

Let’s talk about kids…and golf. I was very fortunate in that my family has always had a sweet spot for golf – we literally grew up on a golf course. We spent days on the driving range at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge, swinging too-big-for-us clubs into oblivion and celebrating our efforts with ice cream. We […]

Celebrating 25 Years: What’s New at Sugar Lake Lodge in 2019

25 Years & Counting Sugar Lake Lodge opened in  June of 1994. Growing up, I spent my summers living with my grandparents, Alex and Myrle Ruttger, while working for my uncle, Jack Ruttger, at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge. When the opportunity to rebuild  Sugar Lake Lodge presented itself, it was Jack who gave me the […]

The Power of Campfires: the Original Social Network

An Ode to Campfires When was the last time you  burnt a marshmallow ?  Laughed until your ribs hurt after someone fell off of their chair (backwards)? Listened to the loons calling behind crackling, burning logs? As Minnesotans, we love our time outside more than we love to be passive aggressive. Nothing is more indicative of […]

Ten Things We’re Grateful for This Year

Thanksgiving is here, and we have been sauntering the resort grounds—of which are very empty and desolate this time of year—reminiscing about the incredible year we had up here at Sugar Lake. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that connecting with such awesome people is our job. Granted, there are some challenges, and we get flustered […]

Time Alone Up North – Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I’m so excited to say that I’m writing my first book. But I keep getting distracted! So, I decided to be brave and take a fellow author’s advice to get away from it all and go somewhere to write. I love the comforts of home. And I love hanging out with my husband 24/7. So, […]

The Only OOO You’ll Ever Need

If you Google “out of office” responses, you will find a treasure trove of professionally-crafted articles and suggestions for the appropriate automatic email replies for when you’re busy living life outside the office walls. “Start with a cheerful greeting!” “Don’t over communicate—get to the point!” “Include only pertinent details.” “Give senders the name of someone […]

To Do List – Plan An Epic Family Reunion

Let’s Get Together Is this the year? Are you finally going to stop talking about getting together as a family and just do it already? Are you tired of saying things like, “I’ve been meaning to call you!” and “I can’t believe I haven’t met Chris’s son’s son yet, and he’s graduating from Harvard this […]

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