We’re Telling You to Take a Hike

Looking to hike in the Minnesota Northwoods? We are happy to point you in the right direction. Sugar Lake Lodge and the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area are surrounded with dense natural territory. From lakes to forests filled with diverse wildlife and some breathtaking views. There’s so much more to see and love about this area (besides our resort and lodge of course).

Only five minutes down the road resides Sugar Hills Recreation Area. Enjoy up to 13 miles of scenic hiking trails in the great Northwoods.

Looking to Head Off the Resort?

Try These Local Hiking Sites

Sugar Hills: Sugar Hills has a series of hiking trails located just five minutes down the road from Sugar Lake Lodge.

Sylvan Point Trail: Located inside the city of Grand Rapids, this 2-mile trail ends at the Forest History Center and offers Mississippi River views.

Simpson Creek Trail: With rolling topography, lake overlooks, glacial eskers, and towering pines, the 13-mile hiking system at Simpson Creek is a popular choice for hikers in the Chippewa National Forest.

Cut Foot Sioux Trail: As an extension of the Simpson Creek Trail, 18 miles of trails are available along old forest roads in the Chippewa National Forest.

Lost 40: Also located in the Chippewa National Forest, the Lost 40 is one of the only places in Minnesota that remained untouched by loggers by the turn of the century. 140 acres of white pine remains as ‘old growth’ – estimated between 300-400 years old. With only about 2 miles of trails, you won’t be putting on a lot of distance, but the setting makes up for it.

Suomi Hills: Named for the small Finnish community near Grave Lake, this historic area held a POW camp during World War II. It offers 19 miles of trails and many small lakes. As a semi-primitive non-motorized area, access is available by foot only.

Tioga Mountain Biking Trails: While Tioga is renowned for its biking trails, the haul roads are open to hikers as well. Tioga is about a 9-minute drive, so it’s a must-visit.

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