Custom Corporate Retreats

Strategic Planning for your Leadership Retreat

Custom Corporate Retreats

Get Out of the Office and into the Right State of Mind

The Leadership Lodge at Sugar Lake is a fully customizable corporate retreat venue in Minnesota aimed at teams, organizations, and groups looking to gather in an environment that’s conducive to creative thinking, distraction-free learning, and transformational leadership development. Our personalized, professional retreat experience is tailored to your organization and its goals.

Productivity Disguised as Fun

We’re outcome-focused in everything that we do. Our custom retreat architecture process and professional facilitators help you design an event from the ground up. From spacious meeting spaces to cozy lodging, delicious catering, on-site programs and resources, and plenty of relaxing and engaging activities, everything here is designed to optimize your time, maximize your potential, and get you the results you want.

Distraction-Free Environment

Surrounded by dense Minnesota Northwoods and overlooking Sugar Lake’s crystal-blue waters, the Leadership Lodge is a nontraditional Minnesota retreat center. Our secluded location takes you out of the office. It gets you away from the distractions of busy urban and suburban areas and allows you to recharge and refocus. Hold a brainstorming session around a bonfire, discuss strategy on the lake or golf course, or roll out your strategic plan in the Leader’s Lounge. Every inch of our 400-acre resort is an idea-generating hotspot.

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We’ve Developed a Professional Retreat Experience

Designed to Transform Groups by Focusing on Four Key Elements


Customized Agenda Planning


Leadership Development Facilitation


Experiential Learning Activities


Full-Service Meeting Support

What Organizations Say About Our Custom Retreats

“…at the heart of the BCLP process is a community conversation. That is allowed to flourish because you and your staff make sure everything else is working at peak. We could do the program anywhere, I suppose, but I would argue not as well as when we are at Sugar Lake.”

Victor Klimoski, BCLP Trainer

Custom Company Retreats: Outcome-Focused and Tailored to Your Goals

Strategic Planning

Put your team in the right mindset to get really creative with your strategic plan. We customize and facilitate strategic planning retreats that give team’s a fresh new outlook in a clarity-driven environment. Uncover your next big idea, find your blue ocean strategy, or renew your organization’s mission, vision, and values.

We not only provide the space, we also provide in-house facilitators to guide you through the process. Our experts won’t tell you what to think, but how to run a strategic planning session that is efficient and effective. We ask the right questions and start discussions that allow you to uncover the right strategic plan.

With the right tools and guidance, your leadership team will:

  • Develop a unified vision to guide employees
  • Meet financial and non-financial goals
  • Uncover your “Blue Ocean” Strategy and implement it
  • Create a complete one-page strategic plan to share and implement at every level of the organization
  • Improve teamwork and communication

Leadership Development

When conducted properly, leadership development retreats can be a springboard for empowering and connecting leaders with one another, helping them better lead everyone in your organization. We partner with industry-leading consultants and influential coaches to create a variety of customizable and proven leadership training programs.

Leadership retreats at Sugar Lake Lodge are not your standard seminar and classroom-based experience. We specialize in experiential learning, creating surprise activities that pull leaders out of their comfort zones, challenge their limits, and fundamentally change how they approach their life, career, and leadership methods. These custom retreats are always changing, and their surprise elements are designed to unify teams, improve communication, increase productivity, and change people for the better.

Employee Onboarding

No matter the size of your organization, employee onboarding is a process. There are people to meet, processes to learn, skills to master, tools to introduce, and a culture to discover and adopt. This is all generally accomplished on the fly (and while working), but it’s far more effective to get out of the office and tackle employee onboarding in a focused, distraction-free location.

We help design and facilitate employee onboarding retreats that allow your newest team member to integrate seamlessly into your existing team. Our retreats give you space to implement an orientation program that is effective and efficient. Create an employee onboarding retreat that includes:

  • Job definitions and role responsibilities
  • Team bonding/building
  • Skills development
  • Company mission, vision, values, and culture

Board Integration

Onboarding new board members to your organization? Our custom board integration retreats create a simple, seamless, and memorable experience for everyone. Our expert facilitators work with you and your new board members to reduce the time it takes to get them oriented and working effectively for your organization.

Gaining a board seat requires gaining a deep understanding of an organization, and we help facilitate a retreat that includes:

  • Clearly identifying each board members role and responsibilities
  • Establishing the organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Passing on documents and other vital information
  • Developing a framework for what comes next

Our Retreat Facilitators

If you have your own facilitation, great! We’re happy to execute a retreat, meeting, and conference that is specific to you. We also have a “black book” of some of the best leadership consultants, strategic planning experts, and other facilitators who can design and execute a highly custom retreat for your organization.

Experience Company Retreats at a Unique Location

We help you connect to each other, to nature, and to your organization’s true purpose.