Ropes Course

High and Low Ropes Course

Team Building, 40 Feet in the air

This Pecos River style ropes course is quite challenging, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. Not everyone loves heights, but you’ll be surprised at how your team comes together to motivate one another as they navigate its numerous obstacles. It requires communication, coordination, and focus, skills that no team can go without. Its multi-element design allows teams of all sizes to participate.

Think you’ve seen it before? This is not your everyday ropes course designed to entertain tourists and families. It’s customizable based on your team’s size and those participating, and our Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certified instructors incorporate strategic and skills development lessons throughout its three-to-four-hour run-time. Every participant exits this ropes course learning what it’s like to be an accountable team member in an unfamiliar and challenging environment.

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Enhance Trust Among Your Team

Research has shown that team participation in a ropes course event, when facilitated properly and with appropriate reflection time, is valuable to connect members with higher levels of trust, self-efficacy, and overall teamwork. Connect in an experiential environment and experience the positive outcomes that result.

High Vs. Low Elements Breakdown

High Ropes Course: This multi-element ropes course includes high-challenge elements such as the High Beam, High “V,” and the Quantum Leap. Experienced instructors are trained to guide teams through these high-flying elements, in conjunction with lessons in teamwork, trust, communication, and problem-solving. The course, instructors, and equipment (harnesses, helmets, and gloves) are all ACCT certified.

Low Ropes Course: Low ropes elements provide incredible insight into team building and leadership development dynamics. We incorporate these certified, instructor-led programs in professional retreat settings where teams are tasked with connecting through nonverbal communication and leadership exercises. Some of our low elements include The Wall, Low Divergent Cables, Trust Fall, Spider Web, and coming soon, The Kyoob!

Ropes Course Team Building Activities in Minnesota

Think Your Team Has What It Takes?

Test the trust and connectedness of your team by having them work through tough challenges as they accomplish a set goal.