Complexity Challenge

Complexity Challenge

Team Building on Tight Deadlines

Send your team on a journey that spans 130 acres of forest, open fields, and other natural areas surrounding our Leadership Lodge. Working in small groups, your team is tasked with finding hidden resources pivotal to completing a complex multi-level task. It’s a customizable adventure that changes every time you participate. Each scenario is designed to recreate everyday business challenges, giving your team lessons in competing priorities, complex stakeholder demands, ambiguous instructions, limited resources, and pressing deadlines.

Complexity Challenge at the Leadership Center

Enhance Communication and Quick, Decisive Action

This interactive, outdoor team building program is designed to enhance communication skills, collaboration across organizational boundaries, and strategic problem-solving. It’s an intensive goals-focused activity that presents teams with challenging scenarios, requiring them to prioritize and take decisive action.

The Complexity Challenge Process

A certified facilitator will present the scenario during a 30-minute preparatory session, with the entire program lasting about 90 minutes. Deadlines are fixed and missions must be accomplished within precise time frames. Facilitators also lead a reflection session after the challenge is complete, focusing on the lessons learned and how to implement them in everyday life.

Complexity Challenge at the Leadership Center

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