Give Back Challenge

Give Back Challenge

Work Together to Help Others

The Give Back Challenge is a great way to promote teamwork while giving back to the community. This experiential team building challenge asks small and large groups to complete several tasks in a determined timeframe. Success results in giving back to the team’s chosen charity. This program helps develop leadership and time management skills, foster collaboration, and highlights the benefits of philanthropy.

The Giveback Challenge at the Leadership Center

Learn to Lead with Others in Mind

Get your team communicating more efficiently, and with a higher sense of empathy. The challenges presented in this program take the focus off the individual and onto the group they are serving. This team building program is designed for groups of up to 30 people looking to have fun, work together, and benefit a local charity.

The Give Back Challenge Process

A certified facilitator will implement the scenario during a 30-minute preparatory session. The program lasts about 90–120 minutes, with deadlines and various missions to accomplish within the time frame. The facilitator will lead a reflection session that focuses on lessons learned and how to implement these lessons in everyday life.

The Giveback Challenge at the Leadership Center

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