6 Things You Must Do at Your Next Family Reunion

Some people love their extended family. Some people love their extended family enough to actually want to hang out with them. And some people love their extended family so much that they keep coming back year after year to spend an entire weekend (or longer!) with them at a retreat location. 

That’s right; today we’re talking about family reunions! 

At Sugar Lake Lodge, we love family reunions. If you fall into the bucket of people who do too, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. There’s fresh air, quality time with relatives both close and distant, and the wonder of seeing everyone’s family grow and evolve over the years. These annual traditions are a special part of what we do at our Minnesota Resort. We’ve had families come back to us year after year to plan their family reunion retreats. We’ve hosted a lot of them, and we’ve seen families come together to do some amazing activities, games, and so much more. 

Whether this is your first family reunion or your fiftieth, these are some of the most fun, rewarding, and memorable activities you can do during your retreat. 

1. Create a Slideshow of Family Memories

What’s happened this past year with you and your family? Encourage everyone to put together a mini montage of the most important events in their lives. These can include major milestones, new family members, career changes, graduations, and so much more. Make it a fun, exciting, and creative presentation that everyone can be involved in and enjoy. 

2. Go Through Your Family History

Not everyone really knows their family and where they came from. You can also pull together a complete family history that includes your genealogy, ancestors, countries of origins, when ancestors came to the U.S., and much more. If you want to make it more interactive, transform it into a game of ancestor trivia! 

3. Make a Time Capsule

If this won’t be your last family reunion, take the time to make a time capsule where everyone can add an item or memory to the box. Set a time limit for your box and then bring it out at a future family reunion. Everyone will enjoy seeing what they placed in the box and how they have changed over the years. 

4. Don’t Forget the Bonfire

There is something inherently magical about sitting around a roaring fire at night. It’s where bonds are formed, memories are created, and good times are shared by everyone involved. It’s a time to sit back, reflect on your life, and really communicate with those around you. Ditch the phones and other devices, gather around, and really speak with one another. Listen, contribute, and open up and share. You’ll be glad you did. 

5. Throw in Some Friendly Competition

Everyone loves sports, games, and competitions of all sorts. Whether you’re into lawn games, watersports, karaoke competitions, or a full-fledged dance off, a family reunion is the perfect place to form your teams and see who reigns supreme in their event of choice. Just make sure to keep is lighthearted and sportsmanlike, or don’t. Every family is different. 

6. Slow Things Down

Some people can get so wrapped up in the events, details, agendas, and everything else involved in a family retreat. What we tell people the most is to slow down, enjoy the memories you’ll make, and get some relaxation in at your next family retreat. Don’t be the person who works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything is going off without a hitch, because it won’t. But that’s the beauty of family; nothing and nobody is perfect. Embrace the time you have together and enjoy your trip. 

We’re Here for You

Speaking of the small details, one of the reasons why people love spending their family reunions at Sugar Lake Lodge is the lack of “detail planning” they have to do. From catering meals to handling events, accommodations, and so much more, we work with you to create the perfect family reunion without the hassle. 

We have seen families grow over the years, and we are happy to be a part of their lives. 


Interested in planning a family event? Get in touch with us today! We’re happy to take the stress of planning off your plate.