Where to Plan a Unique Minnesota Destination Wedding

This is it. You’ve decided to plan a destination wedding. Best of all, you’re considering having your destination wedding in the beautiful state of Minnesota. First of all, congratulations! Second, get ready. Planning a destination wedding can be intimidating, but there’s good news! It’s one of the best ways to celebrate your big day (or weekend). Think of it as a wedding and vacation in one. Your friends and family will be delighted to join you on a trip to remember. 

Ready to plan a destination wedding in Minnesota? We don’t blame you. Larger weddings are becoming a thing of the past, and more couples are opting for intimate getaways with close family and friends. These types of weddings are smaller, easier to manage, and often more meaningful for everyone involved.  

Here’s how to make it easier for you and your guests. 

Book a Resort Venue

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning a destination wedding is having the service, reception, and accommodations in different places. Having to move from place to place can be stressful for guests, all of whom have already travelled to get to where the wedding is being held. 

The last thing you need to be worrying about on your wedding day is how to get the guests from place to place, especially at the end of the night when people are leaving the reception and trying to get to their rooms. Having your service and reception at the resort where all your guests are staying will make the entire event easier and less stressful.  

Ditch the buses and transportation logistics and enjoy your stay at a beautiful Minnesota resort. When you plan your event at a resort, everything is made that much easier. Why? Resorts allow for: 

  • All-inclusive weddings that include food, lodging, etc. 
  • Plenty of activities for guests 
  • Wedding planning staff 
  • Plenty of space for you and your guests 
  • More cost-effective weddings 
  • The ability to plan your perfect day without getting caught up in the smallest details 
  • Flexibility (plenty of custom options and timelines that can shift as your big day approaches) 

Consider the Minnesota Northwoods

One of the most beautiful places in Minnesota is the dense Northwoods area. Located far from the traffic and noise of the Twin Cities, filled with hiking and biking trails, pristine lakes, and plenty of other outdoor activities, the Minnesota Northwoods are an ideal place for a destination wedding. They are isolated, have diverse natural wildlife, and offer the ideal backdrop for some unforgettable memories (not to mention some idyllic photos). 

Encourage your guests to embrace where they are and get outside. There’s plenty to do and see here, so take some time to ditch the formal wear for some hiking boots and swimsuits. 

What to Remember When Planning a Destination Wedding

Just a few things that some people forget about destination wedding planning: 

  • Plan ahead: people need time to arrange travel plans, so make sure you set a date far in advance. Allow for up to 12-16 months when sending out those save the dates. 
  • Expect rejection: not everyone can travel for a destination wedding, so expect some people to politely decline your invitation. 
  • Visit: take a trip up to the Minnesota Northwoods to see your wedding venue, meet the coordinators and venue, and further plan your event. 
  • Encourage people to book early: many people miss out on destination weddings because they try to purchase airline tickets too late! 

Take Some Time for Yourself During Your Trip

It’s great to have your family and friends with you during your entire wedding weekend. Just remember to take some time alone with your spouse, especially if your destination wedding is doubling as your honeymoon. Get away from the group, enjoy your time together, and appreciate the commitment you just made! 


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