To Do List – Plan An Epic Family Reunion

Let’s Get Together

Is this the year? Are you finally going to stop talking about getting together as a family and just do it already? Are you tired of saying things like, “I’ve been meaning to call you!” and “I can’t believe I haven’t met Chris’s son’s son yet, and he’s graduating from Harvard this spring!”? We get it. Time flies. Also, planning a family reunion can be daunting. Fear not! We are experts in planning a reunion that will please every single family member.

1. Pick a Sweet Location

Full disclosure… our location suggestion is a bit biased. It’s a quaint, welcoming, family-owned resort in Northern Minnesota, just south of beautiful Grand Rapids on the shimmering shores of the incomparable Sugar Lake. It’s… it’s us, we’re the resort. We’ve been to family reunions of all kinds, from backyard BBQs to a few hours in the local community center all-purpose room. Reunions are especially fun because you have the unique ability to make it whatever you want it to be, which is why we suggest checking out Sugar Lake Lodge to shake up your next family get together. Think: endless activities (sailing, tubing, volleyball, golf, and so much more), chef-crafted meals prepared to your desire (sit down dinner on the deck at sunset?), specially-planned bonding nights (Family Feud, anyone?), and your own block of resort accommodations with a community bonfire pit. All of this and more is available at Sugar Lake Lodge, and we’re just getting started!

2. Pick a Date

Finding available time in everyone’s schedule is about as easy as folding a fitted sheet. Lucky for you, our reservations and groups specialists are serious masters of their craft in helping you find dates that work specific to your needs. You will always work one-on-one with our planning team throughout the whole process—from start to finish. We would never pawn you off on multiple people, thousands of email chains, or enough voicemails to make you cry. That’s not our style. We’ll help you narrow down date options with the best accommodation possibilities to fit everyone. Easy peasy.

3. Find Matching T-shirts

This is not mandatory but very highly suggested.

4. Sit Back, Relax, and Look Forward to an Unforgettable Few Days

I mean, there were a few steps skipped here… like making sure not to forget to invite everyone, but we trust you to take care of that. Everything else is for us—the way it should be. We are proud to have had some families come to Sugar Lake for every family reunion since our opening in 1993! Some host golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, family 5ks, and scavenger hunts. Others grab their swimsuits and spend the day on the lake. There’s no right or wrong way to do a family reunion, so rest assured that planning one with us doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Are you ready to plan? Contact us to discuss any and all options, and we’ll see you and the fam this summer!