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Ten Things We’re Grateful for This Year

Thanksgiving is here, and we have been sauntering the resort grounds—of which are very empty and desolate this time of year—reminiscing about the incredible year we had up here at Sugar Lake. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that connecting with such awesome people is our job. Granted, there are [...]

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L-M What Now

If you asked any of us at Sugar Lake Lodge what our favorite part about working here is, 9 out of 10 would say the daily interaction with guests. Number 10 would likely say the lake, because, I mean, look at it. It's stunning. But for the majority, connecting [...]

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The Only OOO You’ll Ever Need

If you Google “out of office” responses, you will find a treasure trove of professionally-crafted articles and suggestions for the appropriate automatic email replies for when you're busy living life outside the office walls. “Start with a cheerful greeting!” “Don't over communicate—get to the point!” “Include only pertinent details.” “Give senders the name [...]