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A Message From Abby & Tim Oxborough


“Our favorite part of this business is working alongside the most genuine people. It is a privilege to spend our summers serving our guests, and our reputation really proceeds itself. From stunning Sugar Lake to gorgeous Sugarbrooke golf course, this place holds special meaning for so many of us and we’re always excited to invite new staff members into the “Sugar Lake Club!” We love our team and we look forward to watching it grow and diversify every year. We can’t wait to meet you. – Tim & Abby

About Abby & Tim

Abby and Tim are both present at the resort every day, fully committed to assisting in any way possible. They are hands-on owners who don’t just appear once a week for financial updates.

In her role as resort manager, Abby prioritizes building relationships with her employees and maintains an open-door policy. Beyond her office, you’ll often find Abby working shifts throughout the resort alongside the rest of the team.

Abby Oxborough

Owner/General Manager

Tim Oxborough

Reservations Manager

Brittany Werner

Events/Operations Manager

Chad Simons

Group Sales/Real Estate

Rachel Watson

Front Desk Manager

Bri Lindgren

Sales/Marketing Manager

Cassie Bauer

Otis/Operations Manager

Heidi Bentow

Executive Chef

Our guests are always complimentary of our excellent customer service. If we choose you, it’s because we believe that you have the ability to perform at the same level that our guests are accustomed to.

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