Prouty L3

Our Signature Leadership Development Program

Enhance the capabilities of your leaders by enrolling them in the cohort-based Prouty L3 Leadership Development Program, which offers an intensive, collaborative, and experiential learning experience. Leadership experts Peter Bailey and Sam Smith of The Prouty Project, in collaboration with renowned Chef Marshall O’Brien, work with participants to enhance their personal and professional skills to grow themselves and the organizations they lead. Ideal for leaders of any organization, there are three-day sessions that take place every January, August, and October for a total of nine days per cohort.

Gain a New Perspective on Leadership

The Prouty L3 Leadership Development Program encourages leaders to think outside the box in an experiential learning environment. Sugar Lake Lodge offers state-of-the-art meeting facilities, cozy Northwoods resort lodging, and curated meals for the most productive and comfortable professional development experience. Participants will gain in-depth self-awareness, increased social awareness, and the strategic tools needed to drive better results in both business and life.

The Prouty L3 Process

Prouty Process One


Leaders will discover personal strengths, potential blind spots, the benefits of smart nutrition, and how emotions and perspectives can influence their ability to lead.

Prouty Process Two


Next, they will gain a new outlook on working styles to identify how to partner with their colleagues in more meaningful ways and develop
the skills to lead their team with more resilience.

Prouty Process Three


Lastly, they will expand their view on the interconnectedness of the strategies driving their business, creatively solve problems, and inspire innovative thinking as a strategic leader in their organization.

Prouty L3 at Sugar Lake Lodge

Join Peter Bailey and Sam Smith of The Prouty Project as they discuss with Chef Marshall O’Brien the impactful lessons taught at the L3 program

What People Are Saying About Prouty L3

“Hands down, bar none, it is the best leadership training I’ve had and will be very, very hard to beat. Peter and Sam did an awesome job, lots of respect there. The content was on the mark, the venue was on the mark, and the delivery method was perfect. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where I don’t consciously recall something that I went through with the program and use it in my work or personal life. Thanks again.”
—Adam E.

“What an incredibly powerful experience this was. From beginning to end, the content was engaging, partnered with a venue that is refreshing and inspiring and unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.” —Britney A.

People Look to Leaders as Role Models

to help guide them with their actions. Discover the vital skills to effectively motivate, support, and facilitate communications among team members.