A Unique, Distraction-Free Meeting Venue in Minnesota

Sugar Lake Lodge serves as a fully customizable destination meeting venue, where we help you with everything from agenda and meal planning to hosting world-renowned facilitation and team bonding activities. With a serene backdrop of Sugar Lake’s crystal-blue waters, on-site programs/resources, a spacious main conference room (for up to 195 people) with a fully integrated, state-of-the-art AV system, smaller training and board rooms that are perfect for breakout sessions, and premium resort amenities including cozy lodging and delicious catering, Sugar Lake Lodge has everything your team needs to host memorable association meetings, conferences, leadership retreats, and everything in between.

Full-Service Capabilities

Why Sugar Lake Lodge is the Best Choice

Not only are our meeting spaces conducive to productivity, but they also offer exceptional resources, supported by expert meeting planning and registration services.

Meeting Spaces & Technology

We’re proud to offer customizable meeting spaces of different sizes with daytime, evening, and weekend availability that are equipped with advanced AV equipment, high-speed internet/video conferencing, and on-site tech support.

Equipment Included at No Charge:

  • Comfortable Armchairs on Rollers
  • High-Resolution LCD Projectors with Wireless Capabilities
  • Flat-Panel TV Monitors
  • Podiums
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Hard-Wired & Wireless Internet Connection (Up to 1 Gigabyte)
  • Portable White Boards (4’ x 8’) and Markers
  • Easels with Paper Provided and Markers

Sugar Lake Lodge Event & Meeting Spaces

Room Dimensions Square Feet
Alexander I 39 x 50 1,950
Alexander II 26 x 50 1,300
Alexander III 39 x 50 1,950
Alexander I & II 65 x 50 3,250
Alexander II & III 65 x 50 3,250
Alexander I, II & III 105 x 50 5,250
Maple Room 34 x 27 918
Asplin I 19 x 19 361
Asplin II 19 x 39 741
Asplin III 12 x 24 288
Lodge Dining Room 45 x 50 2,250
Outdoor Meeting Spaces Based on Group Size Based on Group Size
Room Dimensions
Alexander I 39 x 50
Alexander II 26 x 50
Alexander III 39 x 50
Alexander I & II 65 x 50
Alexander II & III 65 x 50
Alexander I, II & III 105 x 50
Maple Room 34 x 27
Asplin I 19 x 19
Asplin II 19 x 39
Asplin III 12 x 24
Lodge Dining Room 45 x 50
Outdoor Meeting Spaces Based on Group Size
Room Square Feet
Alexander I 1,950
Alexander II 1,300
Alexander III 1,950
Alexander I & II 3,250
Alexander II & III 3,250
Alexander I, II & III 5,250
Maple Room 918
Asplin I 361
Asplin II 741
Asplin III 288
Lodge Dining Room 2,250
Outdoor Meeting Spaces Based on Group Size

Get Inspired & Connected

with Expert Facilitation and Team Bonding Activities

Team Bonding at Leadership Center

Team Bonding

Incorporate our curated team bonding activities such as the Cooking Challenge and Improv at your next event to get your team members connected and engaged.

Facilitation Spaces at the Leadership Center


Take your meeting to the next level with some of the best development facilitators in the nation, including Activ8, Epala, the Prouty Project, the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group, and more.

Professional In-House Catering

Led by Executive Chef Kim Fuller, our talented kitchen staff never stop evaluating our menus to elevate recipes and enhance your dining experience. For group catering, we offer a wide assortment of delectable hot and cold appetizers and hearty meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are expertly crafted with fresh and local ingredients.

Looking to Host a Leadership Retreat?

Our expert leadership staff will help you plan an event from the ground up with successful outcomes that align with your goals.

See What People Are Saying About Our Meeting Venue

“We are so elated about the success of our CHIPS Conference held in your resort. The conference is a very important event for our organization, and it wouldn’t have been as successful without the excellent food and courteousness of your staff. The large conference room was nice, and it was great that it had windows. Thank you for making the event a complete success. We will refer other organizations as well. We look forward to working with you in the future." —Stacy A.

“I was at Sugar Lake Lodge for an HR conference last week. The staff here is beyond attentive to every need. I highly recommend spending a few days here. An especially beautiful place for a fall getaway!" —Barb B.

Skip the Boredom of an Average Meeting Venue

We invite all types of teams, groups, associations, corporations, etc. to host an event that will be remembered for years to come.