Summer Vacations

Make Unforgettable Memories, Reduce Stress, and Boost Productivity

For the Bobich family, vacations together don’t come easy due to opposite schedules, conflicting commitments, and from just being plain busy. However, the extensive planning it takes to round up everyone for a special getaway always pays off. Sugar Lake Lodge Owner Fred Bobich believes that the last family vacation they took was their best one yet. He notes, “Upon reflection, it truly boiled down to one real reason why: we were all together. We discovered that we didn’t need an over-the-top vacation experience, just a unique place to gather and simply be. We always strive to practice what we preach about the importance of family time.”

This is the reason why Sugar Lake Lodge offers free family-friendly activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and guided nature walks in the serene Minnesota Northwoods. Spend less time apart and more time doing things together. Keep reading to learn more about how your family can benefit from a relaxing summer getaway!

The Top Five Benefits of Taking a Family Summer Vacation


Promote Bonding and Lasting Memories

In the present day, everyone’s schedules are hectic, and many families spend their downtime staring at screens. Fred notes, “By the way, we agreed before our vacation to restrict the use of cell phones, laptops, and iPads. Next year, we are leaving them at home. It’s all about family time!” Shared life experiences outside of the normal routine can bring families together, establish everlasting bonds, and create happy memories that last a lifetime.


Reduce Stress for All

Both adults and children experience stress. Unfortunately, the reality is that many parents bring home their stress from work. Taking a vacation can help to reduce stress for the whole family. It’s important to teach kids about what’s truly valuable, which is to take breaks and spend devoted time with loved ones. “As our family experienced recently, it’s all about spending quality time together,” says Fred.


Boost Productivity

Several studies show that not taking a vacation can negatively impact your career by causing burnout, illness, and even depression. All these factors can impair your ability to concentrate, be creative, and complete tasks. This is why it’s important to get away to get focused and recharge. Just a few hours north of the Twin Cities, Sugar Lake Lodge provides a unique, one-in-a-million Minnesota getaway for the whole family.


Advantages of Experiences vs. Things

Parents cherish their relationships with their children. Therefore, gifts are often given to kids to strengthen bonds. However, experiential gifts can make a lasting impression on children compared to material gifts. Planning a special getaway where kids can play on the beach or enjoy a scenic bicycle ride will keep them engaged for longer periods. Fred notes, “The ingredients for a successful vacation are unique to each family, and ours is no exception. We golfed, biked, played in the pool, spent time on the beach, and found that while we enjoyed eating out, we also enjoyed the option to stay in and cook together.”


Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Explorer

By taking a family vacation to a new location, it gives kids an opportunity to explore and go on adventures. It allows them to be immersed in an environment that is different from the one that they’ve come to know, which helps to stimulate their brains, learn through hands-on activities, and experience exciting new sights, sounds, and people. From the white-sand beach to Sugar Lake’s aquamarine waters and endless acres of nature surrounding Sugar Lake Lodge, kids are bound to stay curious and entertained.

Plan Your Getaway

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