The Breakout Box

Our Signature Team Building Program

Created by our Director of Leadership Programming Abby Oxborough, this interactive team building program is heavily focused on teamwork, communication skill sets, and uncovering leadership styles. The Breakout Box is essentially an “escape room” in reverse, incorporating different experiential challenges and problem-solving initiatives. Ideal for small and large groups (up to 30 people) looking to identify leaders and build strong bonds, this activity culminates in one big and exciting outdoor activity.

Uncover Your Hidden Leaders

The Breakout Box is an activity designed to push boundaries, create tension, and breakdown communication barriers. Organizations going through big changes find this program to be profound in its ability to challenge everyone intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Groups leave their team building retreat with a greater sense of purpose and encouragement when working together.

The Breakout Box Process

A certified facilitator will implement the scenario during a 30-minute preparatory session. The program lasts about 90–120 minutes, with deadlines and various missions to accomplish within the time frame. The facilitator will lead a reflection session that focuses on lessons learned and how to implement these lessons in everyday life.

What People Are Saying About the Breakout Box

“Our team was still talking about the Bridge to Success two weeks later. We couldn’t stop laughing about how much fun it was to connect with each other during those crazy challenges.” —Adam D.

Break Out of Your Team’s Comfort Zone

and promote leadership development, communication best practices, and collaboration.