Search & Rescue Simulation

An Interactive Team Building Program

Search & Rescue is a highly engaging activity where your team is challenged with locating and rescuing two fallen, injured skydivers. The experience incorporates strategizing, organization, role responsibilities, and resource allocation. The stress of the accident and various challenges are designed to highlight planning skills, leadership roles, and communication best practices.

Teamwork Amidst Chaos

Organizations are faced with chaotic scenarios every day. Is your group ready to handle these challenges calmly and cooperatively? This team building program is designed to simulate “emergency” situations, encouraging leadership and resiliency skills, creativity, and enhanced planning and communication, with a special focus on empathy. Your team will learn to identify various skill levels and work together to accomplish the task.

The Search & Rescue Process

A certified facilitator will implement the scenario during a 30-minute preparatory session. The program lasts about 90 minutes, with deadlines and various missions to accomplish within the time frame. The facilitator will lead a reflection session that focuses on lessons learned and how to implement these lessons in everyday life.

Uncover Leadership Qualities

with this interactive team building program.